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Business Office

2621 N. Thatcher Ave.
River Grove, IL   60171


Office Hours

8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Monday - Friday

 8 a.m. to Noon 

Marilynn J. May

epay The Village's online payment service

The following payments may be paid online for your convenience.

Utility Bill

Parking Ticket

Ordinance Violations-C Ticket No Court Appearance

The Village Office will accept the above payments along with many others. Cash, check and charge cards are accepted during office hours. There is also a convenient lock box outside for after hour payments.


Administration Office Personnel

Comptroller Greg
Secretary/acct. payable Jeanne
Water Billing  
Personnel Director Robin 
Cashier Julie
Accounts Receivable Joy

Services of the Village Office

  The Office handles all of the daily running of the Village. The Clerks Office and Building Department are also housed here. As a Resident or Business you will find  one stop will take care of your needs.

Sale of Fee Description
Vehicle Registration Cars $20.00 
Seniors $1.00 
Trucks & others variable
Vehicle Registration is yearly, from July 1st and expire the following June 30th. Applications are mailed to those previously registered. New residents will need to fill out form and post sticker to windshield, within 30 days of moving into town. The form lists all registration fees.  Download form
Animal License $5.00 Dogs & Cats are licensed yearly  from July 1st and expire the following June 30th.   Download form
Licenses & Permits: Fee's vary

Building permits, Contractor license

Business License
Applications are also available at the Village Clerk or Building Dept Office

Failure to purchase Registration, Licenses and Permits on time will result in late fees, plus you also risk being fined.

Commuter Parking



Railroad station commuter lot monthly parking permits, payable at Village office. Spaces fill fast so make sure you get your permit early.

Daily parking in numbered spaces along Arnold St. Payable in machine outside of station.

Water Bills   Residents are billed monthly, garbage collection fees are also included with statement. Apartments and Businesses are also billed monthly.
Tickets Parking / Compliance
Tickets issued by our Police dept. with the exception of moving violations.

Other Services

Voting: All Residents can register to vote, 30 days before an election at the clerks office. Absentee ballots are also available 3 weeks before an election. For more information see Voters & Clerks info

Business Licenses: Are issued by the Clerks Office for more information please see Business License



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