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Commissioner Jim Duffy

Secretary Kathy McCann

2621 N. Thatcher Ave.
River Grove, Il   60171

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New construction or remodeling projects are often expensive and complicated procedures.  The River Grove Building Department is here to help.  A phone call to 708-453-8007 will connect you directly to our department where questions regarding building codes, permits, zoning, and contractors can be answered.

Permits must be obtained for any work exceeding $50 in value with the exception of painting, decorating, and landscaping.  All contractors involved must have a River Grove business license.

The River Grove Building Department works to protect the public health, safety and welfare in all new and existing structures.  The Department strives to enforce life safety standards by reviewing building plans, issuing building permits, and inspecting buildings during various stages of construction.

Obtaining building permits is an IMPORTANT safety step.  The permit process allows the building department to reduce potential hazards of unsafe construction and ensure that building codes are met using appropriate materials.

Remember to obtain for a permit before starting construction or remodeling work.  If you have any questions please call the building department at 708-453-8007.

 Jim Duffy
Building Commissioner


Property Inspection and Maintenance Program

The Village of River Grove has a property inspection and maintenance program for residential and multiple dwelling units.
The ordinance states that “ no owner, agent, or person in charge of any building or structure shall sell convey, quit claim, trade or otherwise transfer same unless said building or structure shall have been inspected and determined to be in compliance with all of the provisions of the building regulations of The Village Of River Grove, as evidenced by an inspection stamp issued by the building commissioner.”

At the present time rental dwelling units must be registered, inspected and approved a minimum of once every three years and upon sale. 

Residential single family units must be inspected and approved prior to sale.

Property owners can obtain information concerning the property inspection and maintenance program at the village office, 2621 thatcher ave. Or by telephoning the building department at 708-453-8007.




New Ordinances  

Work on Village Right-Of-Ways

All work being done on streets, parkways or other Village property must obtain a permit from the Public Works Office. This permit may be reviewed, printed and filled out by downloading it here. Row Permit form 


On November 17, 2011 the Village of River Grove Board of Trustees adopted a Vacant Building
Registration Ordinance.

Village officials believe this will allow owners and the Village the ability to work together and take greater collective action in the prevention of problematic vacant properties. This action became a necessity with the downturn in the economy and the increasing number of foreclosed, vacant properties that have begun impacting the quality of life in the community.

The goal is that this new ordinance will facilitate an empowered relationship between property owners and the Village of River Grove to take the necessary measures in addressing problematic vacant properties that may come about from time to time.

Vacant Property Packet in Word .doc containing more information and forms. Vacant Property



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