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Emergency Calls 9-1-1
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Following are the numbers for 
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Fire Department- 708-453-1429
Police Department- 708-453-2121

River Grove Village Hall 708-453-8000

 ComEd, 800-334-7661
NICOR Gas, 888-642-6748
AT&T, 800-244-4444
U-verse 800-288-2020
Comcast 866-594-1234


Welcome to River Grove!

This page is designed to provide you with the information you will need when running a business in River Grove. We appreciate your confidence in our Village and would like to extend a helping hand. We hope you find the information here useful and of course if you can’t find an answer to your question please call us at 708-453-8000.

Site Selection 
Verify that the zoning classification of your property will allow the type and size of business that you plan on opening. Verify that adequate parking is available on-site to accommodate your patrons. Our zoning map, zoning code and list of permitted uses is available on our website. 
In some cases, your business may require additional review and “special permission” of the Village Board of Trustees. If your business is indicated to be a “special use” or if you have any other zoning related questions, please contact the Village Hall on how to proceed.

Construction Permits 
If you are constructing a new building or substantially altering the tenant space, you will need to submit construction plans for review. Change in ownership or other minor changes such as repairs and interior decorating do not require a construction permit. Contact the Building Department to inquire whether a permit will be necessary for your scope of work and to apply for a permit.

Certificate of Occupancy 
A Certificate of Occupancy is issued when new construction is completed according to the approved plans. Contact the Building Department to schedule your final inspections .

Business License
Business Licenses are applied for and approved thru the Clerks office. Applications are available at the Village Clerks office. A business is not allowed to operate prior to receipt of the Business License Certificate.The legnth of process time varies on the type of business and inspections. Once received, the Business License Certificate must be prominently posted in your business.

Water Service Set-Up
If you are new to River Grove, please notify the River Grove Water Department to set up your water billing account. Call the Village Hall at 708-453-8000. Water is billed quarterly. You may also complete and return the online form Water application

Online Services
Businesses have the convenience of paying Water Bills, Parking Tickets and, Ordinance Violations-C Ticket No Court Appearance online.


Vehicle Stickers
All motor vehicles owned by a resident of the Village of River Grove or by a person or entity (applies to associations, clubs, societies, firms, partnerships, and bodies politic and corporate, as well as to individuals) having its principal place of business in the Village shall be licensed (have a valid Village vehicle sticker) on or before June 30 of each calendar year, or within 30 days after the purchase of any motor vehicle or the establishment of residency or principal place of business within the Village. Vehicle licenses can be purchased at the Village Hall.

Waste Collections 
Businesses in the Village must contract and use private waste haulers. You should consult these private hauling companies for disposal guidelines and regulations.

Fire Safety
Commercial buildings are required to be built of non-combustible materials such as steel or concrete. Stick-built (or wood-frame) construction is not permitted on commercial or industrial properties.

New commercial buildings larger than 1,000 square feet require a fire sprinkler system that is monitored by a fire alarm system. A similar system is required in existing buildings that are significantly altered or undergo a change in use.

On-site parking may be required for new businesses. Lack of available parking may limit the types of businesses that can be located on some properties.

Exterior Maintenance

Snow shoveling of sidewalks, landscape maintenance and garbage disposal is the responsibility of the business or property owner. Exterior areas must be kept in a clean and orderly manner.

Street Cleaning 
Street cleaning occurs annually from April through November. Check the signs on your block and see the map for your street cleaning dates

Snow Removal 

Signs are posted on all streets,“No Parking After 2” Snow Fall”. This is when our snow plowing operation goes into effect. Starting with the main streets, our crews will work their way onto your block, plowing the even address side first. We ask, that when the even address side is cleared to the curb, that you move your vehicle onto this side so that the odd address side of the street can be cleared. This ordinance will be enforced.

Temporary Signs

Temporary signs and banners to announce a grand opening or similar special event are allowed for up to 30-days. The length is limited to 50% of the storefront width. (The maximum size of a temporary sign for a 25 feet wide store would be 12.5 square feet.) The fee for a temporary sign permit is $15.


NON-ILLUMINATED SIGNS  $20.00 + .50 per sq. ft. of gross surface area of each face
TEMPORARY SIGNS $15.00 ea. (remove in 30 days)
MARQUEES  $15.00 + .50 per foot (horizontally projected)
ILLUMINATED SIGNS & STREET CLOCKS $25.00 + .50 per sq. foot of gross surface area of each face

Fire Prevention & Building Inspection Tips

The following safety requirements are among the most frequently cited issues when inspecting a new business. 
1. The building address must be clearly identified on front and rear doors. 
2. Clear paths must be provided to all exits. Storage must be arranged in an orderly manner so as not to obstruct the exit routes. 
3. All ceiling tiles and drywall must be in place. 
4. All emergency lighting and exit signs must be in working order. 
5. A 36-inch clear space must be provided around the furnace and water heater. 
6. At least one fire extinguisher must be provided. The minimum size is 2A-10BC. Additional fire extinguishers are required so that the closest extinguisher is within 50 to 75 feet. All extinguishers must be mounted in a conspicuous location. 
7. Extension cords cannot be used in place of permanent wiring. 
8. Multi-outlet power strips must have a built-in circuit breaker. 
9. Electric outlets and junction boxes must have approved cover plates. 
10. Electric panel circuits must be clearly marked. Appropriate plugs must cover openings in circuit breaker boxes.
11. The electrical panel and equipment must have a 30-inch clearance. 
12. Ground fault protection (GFCI) is required for any electrical device within 6-feet of a water source. 
13. Electrical outlet taps are not permitted.



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