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FOIA request form

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(708) 453-0761

Village of River Grove FOIA Request
2621 N. Thatcher Ave.
River Grove, IL 60171

Please download and use the form for all FOIA requests. It's use helps to speed the process by asking all pertinent questions about the information you seek. FOIA request form


It is the policy of the Village of River Grove to fill all requests for public documents in as timely a fashion as possible.

In order to assist you and have a record of your request, we ask that all requesters complete a FOIA Request Form.

Requests can be made by letter, telephone, fax, email or online request.  If you wish to submit by fax or letter please click here for a (paper copy) of the request form.

By law, the maximum time to produce the information for routine requests is five business days; commercial requests are 21 business days.  In rare cases, you will be notified, in writing, if an extension is needed. 

 Some information may be denied; this notification will be in writing.

You may seek review of any denial, or partial denial, of your request by judicial review pursuant to Section 11 of the Act, or by submitting a request for review to the Public Access Counselor in the Office of the Attorney General at the address set forth below. Any request for review to the Public Access Counselor must be in writing, signed by you, must include a copy of your request and the response, or responses, you have received from the village and must be filed not later than sixty days after the date of the denial.

Public Access Counselor
Office of the Illinois Attorney General
Public Access & Opinions Bureau
500 South Second Street
Springfield, IL 62706
Illinois Attorney General Website

Original documents may be viewed. If a copy request is over 50 pages, copies are fifteen cents a page.


Black and white, letter or legal sized copies (8 ½ x 11 or 11 x 14), the first 50 pages are free, additional pages cost 15 cents a page.
For color copies or abnormal size copies, actual cost of copying. CD copies, cost of CD.





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