Village of River Grove Voters Information


Precinct Information ~ Where to vote

Precinct  Voting Place Address Handicap Accessible
8 District 84 Admin. Office 2915 Maple St.  Franklin Park Y
11 Village Of River Grove 2621 N Thatcher Ave Y
19 American Legion Rec. Center 8664 Grand Ave Y
20 Trumbull Park 2311 Leyden Ave Y
30 Rhodes Elementary School 8931 Fullerton Ave Y
37 Hanging Gardens 8301 W Belmont Ave Y


Next Local Election

April 4, 2017

Consolidated General Election

Key Dates

Date Event
1/4/2017 First day to apply for a mail ballot
2/23/2017 Statutory beginning of the early voting period
3/7/2017 Last day to register to vote by paper application
3/8/2017 First day of grace period registration and voting
3/19/2017 Last day to register to vote by online application
3/20/2017 First day of early voting
3/30/2017 Last day to request a mail ballot, including military and overseas voters
4/3/2017 Last day of early voting
4/3/2017 Last day of grace period registration and voting
4/4/2017 Last day mail ballots can be postmarked
4/4/2017 Election Day

For more information
vist the County Clerk site



Voter Qualifications

To register to vote, you must be:

  1. A U.S. citizen
  2. At least 18 years old by Election Day
  3. A resident of your precinct at least 30 days prior to Election Day
You also must display two pieces of identification. Neither needs to be a photo ID, but one must include your current address. Acceptable forms of ID include:
  • Illinois driver's license
  • Illinois state ID
  • Employee or student ID
  • Credit card
  • Social security card
  • Birth certificate
  • Utility bill in applicant's name
  • Mail postmarked to the applicant
  • Valid U.S. passport
  • Public aid ID card
  • Lease or rental contract

Where and how to register

There are several convenient methods of registering.



1. Online

If you have an Illinois driver's license or state ID, you may register online through the

                                                 Illinois State Board of Elections online registration

2. PDF

If you don't have a driver's license or state ID, fill out a form online, print, sign and mail it in.



3. Paper

Download a mail-in voter registration card:


English Spanish
Hindi Chinese
Korean Polish

4. In person

Eligible suburban Cook County residents can also register to vote in person with a certified registrar by going to:


When to re-register

Your registration is permanent unless you move or change your name.

Address change
If you have moved within suburban Cook County, you must transfer your registration by re-registering. You may choose to write your new address on the back of your voter identification card and mail it to the Clerk's downtown Chicago office.

You must re-register with the new local election authority or county clerk if you move to an address outside suburban Cook County.

Name changes

Voters who legally change their name, but not their address, do not have to re-register. If you have changed your name, you can vote after updating your information at the polls.

How do I know I'm registered?

After processing your registration application, the Clerk's office will mail you a voter identification card with your precinct information and voting districts.

You may also check your voting eligibility with our Your Voter Information search tool. If you have questions about your voting status, please e-mail or call (312) 603-0906.


Early Voting for Suburban Cook County Voters


Dates and locations

Click here for Early Voting locations.

Bring photo ID

State law requires early voters to display valid photo identification to an election official before receiving a ballot to vote early. Valid forms of ID include: a current driver’s license, state-issued ID card, university/college ID or another government-issued ID with a photograph.

Voting equipment

Early Voting is conducted on touch screens that store every ballot style in the county, permitting any voter in suburban Cook to vote at any location.

Ballot secrecy

Your ballot will remain secret and securely stored.

Early Voting records

The names of the early voters are available to the public and are updated each day during Early Voting. Please call (312) 603-0900 for early voting information.

In-person voting only

Voters who participate in Early Voting must vote in person.

Absentee ballot


The following categories of voters are eligible to use the Federal Postcard Application (FPCA):

  • U.S. citizens who no longer maintain a residence in suburban Cook County but lived there immediately prior to relocating abroad*
  • Members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their spouses and dependents stationed in the U.S. or abroad and whose last civilian address was in suburban Cook County*
  • U.S. citizens whose permanent residence is in suburban Cook County but will be temporarily residing abroad on Election Day*

Overseas and Military Voters

Suburban Cook County voters who live overseas or are serving in the U.S. Armed Forces may register to vote and apply for an absentee ballot by completing a Federal Postcard Application (FPCA).  The FPCA is current for one calendar year and ensures that the voter will automatically be sent an absentee ballot for each election held in that year.  Ballots and election materials are sent by mail, email or fax, whichever method the voter indicates on the application.

For more information vist the County Clerk site.

* In all of these instances, you are eligible to vote absentee even if you are not currently registered. Your Federal Postcard Application will serve as a registration application as well.



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