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The zoning map can be seen by clicking here Zoning Map it will open in a new window.

You will find brief descriptions for each zone category. If you need more information, it is available online via our code book. Look for Title 6 Zoning at zoning regulations. If you have problems understanding the codes please call our Building Department they will be happy to help.


In order to carry out the purpose and intent of this title, the village of River Grove is hereby divided into the following zoning districts:

(A) Residential districts:

R1-Single-unit dwelling detached residential district
R2-Single-unit dwelling attached residential district
R3-Single- and multi-unit dwelling residential district
R4-General residential district

(B) Commercial districts:

C1-Mixed use storefront commercial district
C2-Office and commercial district
C3-Heavy commercial district
C4-Shopping center commercial district

(C) Manufacturing districts:

M1-Light manufacturing district
M2-Medium manufacturing district

(D) Specific use districts:

OS-Open space district
G/E-Government and education district






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