Village Hall
2621 N. Thatcher Ave.
River Grove, Il   60171

Office Hours
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Mon - Fri
8 a.m. to Noon 





Police Department - Curfew Children under 17 years of age have a curfew of 10:30 P.M. until 6:00 A.M. Sunday through Thursday, and 11:30 P.M. until 6:00 A.M. Friday and Saturday




Waste Disposal Pickup - All single-family residential homes are picked up every Monday by our contractor. On Monday Holidays; Christmas Day, New Years Day, Memorial, July 4th & Labor Day pickup will be the day following.

The Village uses Connect CTY to keep Residents informed.

By clicking the Logo to the left you may add, update or remove your contact information.

Verify Identification - If any stranger, claiming to work for the village, wants to enter your home or business, ALWAYS ask for identification. All village employees are issued a picture ID and will gladly present it when asked

Yard Waste Disposal- Begins on the first Monday in  April and ends on the last Monday in November


Resources for Residents

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Village Board Meetings - Are scheduled on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM. They are located in the Courtroom at 2607 N Thatcher Ave Door to Door Solicitors - Solicitation within the Village is done by permit and solicitors are screened and bonded. If they are not able to furnish proof call Police immediately. Electronics Disposal – State laws mandates that electronics are banned from landfills. To dispose of these items we have a convenient, cost "free" electronic disposal solution. Located at the Public Works yard 2101 N. West St. on the first Saturday of the Month, 9am - Noon.
River Grove Rec Center ID - Rec Center ID’s are required for entry to certain Rec programs. Register for Recreation Dept. I.D. at the Village Hall. Phone Scams - NO Village entity raises funds over the phone. Protect yourself from fraud: Never give credit card numbers, social security numbers or any other personal information if you did not initiate the call. Solid Waste Tags - Cost $2.00 each and are available at: Village Hall, BP Gas Mart and Walgreens.

Fire Department  - Is Your Number Up? By far, the most common cause for delay in emergency response is the lack of proper address markings

Building Department - Permits must be obtained for any work exceeding $50 in value with the exception of painting, decorating, and landscaping.  All contractors involved must have a River Grove business license. Waste Containers- Residents who put their garbage out for curbside pickup must bring empty cans and recycling bins back onto their property with 12 hours of pickup. 
Residents who have alley pickup, only the brown 96 gallon can should be left in the alley.  Yard waste cans and recycling bins must be brought back onto your property.



Snow Removal - “No Parking After 2” Snow Fall”. Starting with the main streets, our crews will work their way onto your block, plowing the even address side first. When the even address side is cleared to the curb, that you move your vehicle onto this side so that the odd address side of the street can be cleared. This ordinance will be enforced

Street Sweeping - This season runs from April 1st to November 31st. Every side street has posted signs for the parking restriction for weekly sweeping. Please obey this ordinance, as it is enforced. Outdoor Warning Sirens - Alert warnings are signaled with a 3-5 minute STEADY blast.  This warning means that severe weather is within a 10 mile perimeter and all persons should seek shelter. 
Attack warnings are signaled with a 3-5 minute WAVERING blast.  This warning means that an actual attack has been perpetrated against the United States. 
In either case, events should be monitored thru mass media reports. 
There is no signal for “All Clear”.  Siren testing is conducted the first Tuesday of every month at 10:00 a.m.

Cooling/Warming Center

Purpose: To establish a consistent procedure that offers our residents temporary relief from temperature extremes. This service is meant solely for temporary relief from extreme weather conditions and in no way is intended for use as permanent or long term housing or shelter.

 Policy: The Cooling/Warming Center will be the River Grove Senior/Community Center located at 2611 N. Thatcher Avenue. 
The Cooling Center will be opened to the public when outside temperatures reach 96 degrees Fahrenheit and/or the heat index reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit (O’Hare Airport reading).
The Warming Center will be opened to the public when outside actual temperature or wind chill temperature reach -5 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • When extreme temperatures occur, and the Cooling/Warming Center is activated, a permanent sign posted on the Community Center door will direct citizens to the Police Department 911 Dispatch Center (located at the same address, just north of the Community Center) for direction;
  • The dispatcher will notify the Police Shift Commander to direct an officer to open the center.  The officer will get the following information from all citizen(s) who will be using the center; name, address, phone number and an emergency contact phone number;
  • This information will be kept at the dispatch desk while the center is in use.  When the citizen(s) have departed, the information will be forwarded to the Fire Chief to be kept on file;
  • The dispatcher will notify the Mayor, Fire Chief and the Public Works Director that the center is in use.
  • The Fire Chief will notify the fire department EMS staff that a well-being check shall be conducted immediately, and every 2 hours thereafter, to insure the safety of the citizens using the center


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