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Online Library Information

Statewide Illinois Library Catalog   About SILC The Statewide Illinois Library Catalog, known as SILC, is Illinois' first all inclusive statewide union catalog that integrates WorldCat and the Illinois Library Systems' local consortial OPACs, to provide both shelf status and interlibrary loan capabilities in a single searchable interface. SILC resides on the familiar FirstSearch platform as an additional WorldCat database that allows users to scope to regional groups within Illinois, as well as by type of library. From a single WorldCat record, users will be able to link to a local shared catalog record to see if and where an item is available for loan.

Illinois State Library

Libdex - Index to over 18,000 Libraries across the world

lib-web-cats    A directory of libraries throughout the world.


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  Library of Congress Online Catalog

The Library of Congress Online Catalog is a database of approximately 12 million records representing books, serials, computer files, manuscripts, cartographic materials, music, sound recordings, and visual materials in the Library's collections. The Online Catalog also provides references, notes, circulation status, and information about materials still in the acquisitions stage


netLibraryThe World Public Library Association is the world’s largest eBook provider. Founded in 1996, the World Public Library Association is a global coordinated effort to preserve and disseminate classic works of literature, serials, bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other reference works in a number of languages and countries around the world. Our mission is to serve the public, aid students and educators by providing both free public access and an enhanced membership section to the world's most complete collection of electronic texts, books, and documents on-line as well as offer a variety of services and resources that support and strengthen the instructional programs of education, elementary through post baccalaureate studies. 

The Internet Public Library is the first public library of the Internet. As librarians, we are committed to providing valuable services to that world. We do so for many reasons: to provide library services to the Internet community, to learn and teach what librarians have to contribute in a digital environment, to promote librarianship and the importance of libraries, and to share interesting ideas and techniques with other librarians.

The IPL Ready Reference Collection is a collection of Internet resources gathered together with the needs of the Internet community in mind. It is not intended to be a comprehensive hotlist to all sites on every subject, but rather an annotated collection, chosen to help answer specific questions quickly and efficiently. Sources are selected according to ease of use, quality and quantity of information, frequency of updating, and authoritativeness. For further information, please see About the Ready Reference Collection.

Instead of searching for a library, WorldCat lets you search for books, videos, articles, and music in more than 10,000 library catalogs from around the world. When you click on an item in your search, WorldCat senses your location (your IP address, really) and shows you the libraries closest to you with that item, often with links to that library's homepage. One warning: the catalog information may not be up-to-date, although some libraries now use WorldCat as their catalog.

Very popular and searchable directory of libraries from around the world. Frequently updated and very easy to use. Hosted by OCLC's (Online Computer Library Center) WebJunction, "An online community for library staff."

lib-web-cats: A directory of libraries through the world
An increasingly international and searchable directory of library web catalogs ("lib-web-cats"). Frequently updated and offers many different ways to search for libraries. Maintained by Marshall Breeding, Director for Innovative Technologies and Research, Vanderbilt University

An easy-to-use and very library-friendly site offering a free searchable directory of public, state, presidential, college, and law libraries. Almost all of libraries listed are within the United States, but there is a listing of "National Libraries".

Search for Public Libraries - Institute for Museum and Library Statistics (IMLS)
IMLS administers the Public Library Survey, formerly administered by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), and from this information provides this excellent United States public library locator tool. There is also a link that lets you compare libraries.



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