Welcome New Residents!



Welcome to River Grove! This page is designed to provide you with the information you will need to make your move hassle free. We all know moving to a new area presents unique new challenges. So we would like to extend a helping hand by putting together the important information you will need. While this page deals primarily with preparing for your move. Browsing through the other pages of our site will make your life here easier by providing other pertinent information. Of course if you can’t find an answer to your question please call us at 708-453-8000.


Quick Links

Emergency Calls 9-1-1
For all Emergency Police and Fire Services.

Following are the numbers for
non-emergency calls:

Fire Department

Police Department

River Grove Village Hall

River Grove School

Rhodes School

East Leyden High

Triton College


Waste Removal Info

Refuse-Recycling application/pdf icon

E-Waste application/pdf icon

Animal Damage? application/pdf icon

Hazardous Waste application/pdf icon

Yard Waste application/pdf icon

Water application doc


Local business Links

Electricity: ComEd, 800-334-7661
Gas: NICOR Gas, 888-642-6748
Telephone: AT&T, 800-244-4444
TV,  Voice, Internet:  U-verse 1-800-288-2020
Cable, Internet: Comcast 866-594-1234

Downloadable files on this site are in Microsoft Word .doc or Adobe Reader .pdf.


Free viewers are available and can be downloaded by clicking on the icons.


Public School Districts

River Grove School Dist. 85.5  2650 Thatcher Ave.

Rhodes School Dist. 84.5  8931 Fullerton Ave

East Leyden High School Dist 212 3400 N Rose St.
Franklin Park Covers all of River Grove

Triton College 2000 Fifth Avenue

Public Elemetary School Boundaries


Water Service Set-Up
If you are moving into River Grove, please notify the River Grove Water Department to set up your water billing account. Call the Village Hall at 708-453-8000. You may also complete and return the online form Water application. Water is billed monthly and will include waste removal charges for residential homes.

Online Services
Residents have the convenience of paying Water Bills, Parking Tickets and, Ordinance Violations-C Ticket No Court Appearance online.

Voter Registration
Take advantage of your right to vote by registering at your new address. The Village Clerk's Office can process your voter registration (including address or name changes) Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Please bring two forms of identification, one with your current address if possible. Visit the Voters Info Page for online registration information.

Library Card  Books, videos and more are available both at the Library and online get your card today.
Residents must register their pets with the Village and purchase a license annually.
Vehicle Stickers
All motor vehicles owned by a resident of the Village of River Grove or by a person or entity (applies to associations, clubs, societies, firms, partnerships, and bodies politic and corporate, as well as to individuals) having its principal place of business in the Village shall be licensed (have a valid Village vehicle sticker) on or before June 30 of each calendar year, or within 30 days after the purchase of any motor vehicle or the establishment of residency or principal place of business within the Village. Vehicle licenses can be purchased at the Village Hall.

Waste Collections 
Single family homes and multi-family residences with less than two units use Village sanitation services provided by Roy Strom. These residents should follow these General Guidelines for Refuse Disposal

Residents moving into multi-family dwellings with more than two units use private waste haulers and should consult either their building managements or these private hauling companies for disposal guidelines and regulations.

Recycling bins are emptied on the same day as refuse is collected.


Street Cleaning 
Street cleaning occurs annually from April 1st through November 31st. Check the signs on your block for your street cleaning dates


Snow Removal 

Our snow plowing operation goes into effect on December 1st. Signs are posted on all side streets,“No Parking After 2” Snow Fall”.

Starting with the main streets first, our crews will then work their way onto your block, plowing the even address side first. We ask, that when the even address side is cleared to the curb, that you move your vehicle onto this side so that the odd address side of the street can be cleared. This ordinance will be enforced.





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